It&ly Hair Products

It&ly Hair Products are comprised of sophisticated color lines and Purity Design line that is composed of indispensable styling and finishing products formulated to create personal styles while providing moisture and shine to hair. It&ly Purity Design evokes a harmony of the senses from the choice of the colors to the selection of the materials employed and is enfolded by essentially and transparency thanks to its unique concept, very clear colors and softness of the ingredients all of which communicates its own personality. It utilizes a concentration of vegetable extracts and proteins derived from the typical plants of arid zones (Agave, Yucca and Indian Fig – Prickly Pears). These ingredients ensure the natural hydration and the right protection against damages to the hair from pollutant agents and UV rays; therefore, preventing dryness and dullness. Key Ingredients are: Cocoa Butter is largely used in the cosmetic industry thanks to its emollient, softening and moisturizing proprieties. Sandal Wood, Philodendron and Malt are known as the finest hydrating and restructuring substances and are mostly used to prevent split ends.

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